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Ray Blacklidge is a trusted conservative we can count on to fight for us.


Rule of Law

America was founded on the rule of law.  Whether fighting crime or illegal immigration, Ray believes that elected officials and law enforcement at all levels of government must work together to enforce the laws as written.  Violent crime, drug trafficking and illegal immigration must always be combatted.


More Jobs

Ray believes in the entrepreneurial spirit that made America great.  He believes in growing jobs in the private sector by creating the conditions that businesses need to thrive: low taxes, less regulation, an educated workforce and a strong transportation system.


Healthy Beaches

Residents and tourists alike flock to our world class beaches.  Ray is committed to keeping our beaches clean and healthy.  He strongly opposes offshore drilling, which could threaten these natural treasures.


Lower Taxes

Ray believes the best way to respect the hard work of Floridians is to keep taxes down and fight the waste, fraud and abuse that run rampant in big government programs.  Ray strongly opposes a state income tax or any taxes that target the savings of our state’s retirees.


Quality Schools

Education is the passport to prosperity.  Ray believes all children deserve a world class education that prepares them well for further learning at colleges and universities or trade and technical schools.

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